Even though we all want to improve as many aspects of our life as possible, very few of us actually take action and do something that changes our life for the better. Yes, from time to time, we all lack the motivation necessary to compel us to take charge. But what if I told you that you could have all of the motivation you’ve ever wanted with just the push of a button on a Richenco app? In other words, what if you could improve your life dramatically, in several different areas, all while playing fun games at the same time?Richenco isn’t just another game company as it focuses on creating apps that change your life for the better. Like many other music or utility apps that you play on your smartphone, tablet, or Mac, Richenco becomes a part of your everyday life, helping you improve its quality with enhanced cognitive skills and increased relaxation, ultimately bringing you more happiness.With some of the greatest designers, developers, and social geeks from all around the globe, Richenco turns your smartphone into your “change agent.” How? By using effective, scientifically proven techniques that appeal to the masses.

What apps have we created?



Entrepreneurs are always seeking ways to make more money, experience more success, and just generally excel in an effort to find self-satisfaction. After tasting so many shades of success himself, Richenco’s founder, Alain Villenave, has a spiritual motive of helping others improving their lives—something he does by mixing self-development with technology.

He calls himself an Entrepreneur-a-holic; we call him success-a-holic. Alain has spent the last 30 years of his life travelling the world between Europe and Asia, winning entrepreneurship’s and creating, managing, and investing in businesses of various sizes and niches, including one listed on Euronext Stock Exchange.
Combining all his life experiences and practices about business, finance, and investment, Alain is committed to creating new business opportunities for people by way of creating new business ventures. He is an avid investor that knows how to empathize with people. He has an ability to recognize great ideas, has a fine understanding of what goes on in companies, and knows what traits are needed to market and sell to Gen Y and Gen Z, making him an excellent mentor.



“I lacked a lot of patience and perseverance. I always wanted to create new things and was eager for the next big idea, which I believe is one of the common characteristics of entrepreneurs. Being a great Warren Buffett fan, I’ve learnt from him the patience, to carefully choose a passion and stick to it. Reaching my 50s, I’m now applying this idea. Richenco is not only my passion, but is the result of my life practices.”

After achieving a fair bit of success with Richenco Investments, Alain put his entrepreneurial and technical skills into making Richenco Apps, a company committed to creating mobile apps that transform people’s lives using technology. That’s how Richenco Investments became Richenco Apps, now commonly known just as Richenco.

Two apps that Richenco proudly calls its own are Professor McMurphy and ClickFace. Professor McMurphy comes in either visuals or a game and it uses subliminal visual and audio techniques to help you improve up to 50 different areas of your life, while ClickFace is a new and innovative game improves your ability to read facial expressions while promoting relaxation and fun at the same time.

To read more about the apps, go to the Apps page.

Our Testimonials

I have borderline personality disorder, and break ups are excruciating for me. I was informed about this app by my DBT specialist to help calm my anxiety associated with the rejection of my ex and I noticed after just watching it once that my negative thoughts were vanishing. Amazing!
Cindy Picciurro United States
I have several subliminal and/or affirmation apps, but this one is simply the best! Love the personalization features, and the other visuals. It’s worth every penny!
kmichaelj25 United States
I have been doing it for 2 weeks and my craving for sweets has gone way down and I have more energy. Its 12 minutes long and you got nothing to lose. The mind is very powerful, use it!
leetza United States
One week!… ONE week and already this app has paid for itself. I will continue to use it daily, however for two months. It’s absolutely amazing!
Allysmum United Kingdom
I haven’t written a review before. But, I really feel as if this one works. After using it, I find myself calm and driven to tidy up. This gives me the extra boost I need to get it all done. With work, family and all of the daily demands of life, this is a handy little jumpstart.
loopyl000 United States
Very helpful and easy to read. Would love more chapters please :))
Lyla may United Kingdom
This app is essential for the unorganized!! This is especially perfect if you’re a person (like me) who has piles of clutter and stacks of papers all around work and home. Be sure to personalize the app with a picture of yourself, and a picture that represents your ideal organized space (my countertops). Well worth your time and money!
Musician 123 United States
Once again this is true genius just like the motivation app, easy to use and works so quickly on the subconscious. Recommend this EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! Feeling lucky all the time and feel so confident in every task I do. Great work!
The Mind Man United Kingdom
After a couple months of using this every day I did see improvement in my skin. It’s worth a try!
bcork7 Canada
Amazing.. I can feel it stopping me from buying things I don’t need. It’s like I’ve got Jimminy Cricket on my shoulder going “do u need three of those? Put two back!” Very worthwhile… Do the full 70 times and see for yourself. It’s permanent too. Just need a top up from time to time! Buy it!
Mumma2768 Australia

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