What Richenco is all about? We’re a company dedicated to designing apps which help improve people’s lives. The entire objective of our applications is to imbue people with a sense of determination and motivation. We use incredibly advanced personal development techniques and the latest in methods from neuroscientific studies to help create a valuable tool to help people enrich their lives with a focus, more stable mind. For those who are already well versed in personal development techniques, we make things much easier for you and our one-of-a-kind innovative and advanced solutions are terrific. For beginners, who are looking for something to help them live a better life, our powerful techniques will supercharge your capabilities and help you find your better self. You will enjoy a smooth experience – just like a well-oiled machine!

This personal development niche is full of books, conferences, audios, videos and more. We’re different – we do apps! These are customized to YOUR needs and you will notice great changes very soon. A unique blend of fun and gaming techniques mixed with personal development takes all the boredom out of the equation. We help you realize your dreams and become all that you’ve ever dreamed of becoming or achieve all that you’ve ever dreamed of achieving.

Alain Villenave. A serial-entrepreneur, virtual nomad and a highly motivated personal development explorer dedicated to bringing a positive change!
Alain Villenave. Serial-entrepreneur, virtual nomad and a highly motivated personal development explorer dedicated to bringing a positive change!

Where did this Richenco journey begin? Well, it began with me. I’m a business man, but I’m also a person who cares about life in itself; I care about helping others achieve what it is they want to achieve in life. It’s all about unleashing joy, freedom & expansion in your life. After becoming a world traveler, I adopted the persona of a “virtual nomad”. Perhaps it seems strange to you that I would see app creation and personal development as the solution to helping people achieve their dreams, but nothing had ever made more sense to me.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for 30 years and I’ve seen the landscape change immeasurably and what technology means in terms of what it can do for people has extended far beyond “gadgetry” or “business improvement”. I’ve been a digital nomad and traveling the world for the past 10 years, I’ve been transforming minds using the power of technology. I help them succeed. I turn dreams into reality, and it all starts with apps based in neuroscience and training the brain to be motivated and inspired.

Professor McMurphy
Professor McMurphy